Thursday, September 24, 2009

Strep = Love/Hate

In the past 3 days, strep throat and I have developed a love/hate relationship.

Here are the things I hate about strep:
1. Not being able to be productive -- at work or at home.
2. Feeling achy all over. Especially fingers and toes and bottoms of feet.
3. Random coughs.
4. Not being able to laugh or talk.
5. Being tired always.
6. Being shut in when I'd rather, as Caleb used to say, "get down and run around."
7. Getting worn out from a bath.
8. Having my face hurt.
9. Missing everything that's going on around me.

Here is what I love about the last few days:
1. Catching up on my new addiction that is "Lost."
2. Eating lots of popsicles.

You do the math.

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