Monday, March 31, 2008

seven-month itch

Well, it’s starting again. That season we Southerners know and love as HOT, and that season that all the mosquitos of the world seek out their favorite redhead to chomp on.

The heat is not too unbearable yet, I have to admit. But I did get my first mosquito bite of ’08 this weekend, leaving me to think that since I barely spent any time outside at all these past few days, it’s going to be a verrrrry long summer.

I really don’t mind the heat so much, but my boyfriend jokes that I’m better to have around outside than any Off or Citronella, because mosquitos automatically buzz toward me rather than dreaming of heading anyone else’s way. And he’s right! While Carl might have gotten five mosquito bites in his whole life, they were definitely before we met. I can literally get eaten up from sitting outside for 10 minutes, and he would never know it if I wasn’t constantly slapping all exposed areas of my body.

Lucky duck.

So I’ll break out the B-12, pray there’s a better smelling spray on the market this year, and head outside. Because even after years of this, I just can’t stay in. After all, it’s spring!

So buzz off, bugs. Here I come.

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I so feel your pain! My husband always asks me how come I have so many bites and he has NONE! I tell him it's because I am so sweet!
Posted by Wendy on April 1, 2008 - Tuesday 6:29 AM

Bekah, boo, know Mississippi has already reported it's first case of WEST NILE VIRUS this year...the second one in the whole U.S....I can only imagine what is going to happen...Beware bugs, though, of you...redheads are like red ants...they bite back!
Posted by Saintsation on April 1, 2008 - Tuesday 9:15 AM

Great blog and I feel your pain... I wish I had a word of wisdom about prevention, but I'm just a victim like you. It's extremely bad where I am right now beacuse of the destruction from Katrina, so streets & such are still out of whack & we don't have drainage... there's always standing water to the point of "swamp-ish-ness"... mosquito heaven! I can't enjoy the outdoors either. I'm thinking of investing in bat houses cuz I hear they eat mosquitos. I'll let you know how this turns out.
Posted by Susan on April 1, 2008 - Tuesday 6:12 PM

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