Monday, April 7, 2008

a streetcar named inspire

Being from the MS Gulf Coast allowed me more familiarity with New Orleans than any redhead could ever deserve, so now that I get to do some work there as well with the bank, it’s even more fun to tromp around the city occasionally and see what’s what.

Last week, I was in Lafayette Square for the first of what will be a series of twelve concerts. Outdoor music, food, fun, people, pets...what more could anyone ask for? The event is hosted by the New Orleans Young Leadership Council (YLC), and when they introduced a new project they’re implementing, I could have squealed with delight.

When I lived in Jackson, I vividly remember a campaign/fundraiser that was held downtown using big (concrete? plaster? metal?) catfish. Business would, I believe, pay a fee to paint their catfish just the way they liked (or the way that best represented their organization), and display it on the streets of Jackson. This resulted in a fun, colorful fest-for-all while running typically mundane errands.

Well don’t worry, because New Orleans is doing the same thing...but with little streetcar replicas! I say they’re little, but of course, they’re probably as big as me laying down, but isn’t that too cute?! So soon, we’ll see streetcar replicas all around the city, painted uniquely and denoting businesses who are giving back to N.O. via the YLC. And I so wish I had thought of the name: A Streetcar Named Inspire.

Too classic.

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This sounds of interest... I'll have to look it up on the net & find out about attending. Enjoy!!
Posted by Susan on April 8, 2008 - Tuesday 4:27 PM

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