Saturday, November 1, 2008

Being Sarah Palin

Ever since John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate, I can't go a week (and sometimes a day) without being stopped on the street and told how much she and I resemble.

So this year, I decided to dress as her for Halloween. It was so much fun -- I've been waiting my entire adult life for a costume that incorporates glasses! (I've been told countless times how much I look like Tina Fey, but I never could figure out how to dress as her for Halloween without lugging around an anchor desk.)

Some things that stood out from this experience are:

1. No one asked me who I was! People just came up to me and said, "Hi Sarah." Really fun.

2. "You betcha" can be used as a reply to so many comments.

3. I haven't worn that much makeup or hairspray since Prom 1993.

4. Thanks to this costume, numerous pictures of me with random people are now floating around the BR. So many people wanted photo opps - even those who were anti-Sarah.

The papparazzi can be so demanding.

6. If I do this again, I'm using temporary hair color to become a brunette. This is a little scary, since it will be the first time I've put any sort of color on or in my hair, but it's just about the only thing left to authenticize the costume. Apart from a hockey stick, that is, which would just be too dangerous.

7. Wearing a suit from 1999 (or possibly older!) is fine, as long as one remembers to cut out the tell-tale shoulder pads. Which I didn't do. And which my (younger) friends pointed out with glee. :-)

8. When being Sarah Palin, the perfect send-off for groups who ask to take photos is "See ya at the polls!"

9. It's really hard to find a place at The Chimes with enough light for a proper video shoot. But at least you can hear!

Here is our whole group -- Erica "Cyndi Lauper" Bankston, Tiffany Hess as Tiffany Hess, Brad "Michael Phelps" Blanchard, Sheree "Olympic gymnast" Beverly, Liz "German girl" Keys, Chrissy Davie as Chrissy Davie, and Rebekah "Sarah Palin" Johnson. (IDK where Angelle was when this pic was taken, but she went as Angelle Bertrand.)


  1. Great costume! It's fantastic! I would have wanted a picture with you for sure.

  2. Awesome Tina Fey impression.

    /Alec Baldwin

  3. Great time! Your voice was spot on, no wonder you mom deleted you! :)


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