Friday, November 7, 2008

No Bama!

I figured I had better post this before the Bama/LSU game this weekend, since there's no telling what the outcome will be.

My new-ish BR friend Tiffany (pictured here with me) gave me a "Nobama" shirt for my birthday this year, with the intention of it favoring politics. I wore it to last weekend's game vs. Tulane, and couldn't believe the number of high-fives I got on campus! It was hilarious. Some people thought it wasn't political at all, but sports-centered, and that it said "No Bama."

So in light of our newly chosen president-elect, I mean no disrespect. I just hope we beat Bama. :-)

Also pictured is myself with Tiffany and Sheree...

...and with Angelle after the game (I look very haggard, but at least we won!).

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  1. Seriously, did you really not realize what the outcome would be? Seriously.


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