Saturday, November 29, 2008

What's not to be thankful for?

I am so thankful. Being reminded of the spirit and meaning of Thanksgiving makes this week's "thankful" post harder than ever to narrow down. I did it, though, and this week, am especially thankful for:

1. Friends who will speak the truth to me, over and over. (For instance, Kristen, Erica, Jane and Tiffany's timely reminders about time and timing.)

2. Vay-cay! I go to NYC next week with Liz and Cecil and am SOOOO pumped! :-D

3. Family members whom I count among my best of friends (parents, Nan, Kim, Jeff, Greg, Russ, etc.).

4. Coworkers who get, put up with, like, and even seem to love me. (Grazie, ALong and SCole.)

5. Puppies! I heart my Tractor and I got to pet her and talk to her more than ever this weekend, along with Greg, Alicia and Lauren's puppy, Lacy. Good times. :-)


  1. And Laci is thankful for you, too. Of course, so are we.

  2. All this time, I had no idea that Tractor was a girl dawg!


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