Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog on blogging.

When I blogged solely on MySpace, pics were, for some reason, difficult to include. So blogging became more of an online journal for me, which I loved -- rather than a show-and-tell situation, which is what I personally enjoy about friends' non-MySpace blogs.

Now, however, I find that on Blogger, I feel very compelled to have a visual with each entry. Obviously, I don't always provide the pic with the entry, but still. I don't think my non-pictoral entries can be that interesting.

I think that's thwarting my creative blogging, though. I mean, I'm all about some writing, and getting my thoughts out there, and sharing my words with the world (which no doubt, the world clearly loves). ;-) But I'm not compelled to share (much like I'm doing right now) unless I have a visual (which I don't right now, and I refuse to find as a companion to this entry).

So, I guess my question is, to visualize or not to visualize? Would readers/subscribers prefer posts with depth (I promise that sometimes I include that) or pretty pictures (which I can TOTALLY appreciate)?

Your honesty is expected! No pressure.


  1. The more pictures of you, the better. ;)

  2. There are times and places for pictures and for words. Some blogs are photo heavy, like mine. I use the photos for a portion of my stories. When I have no picture, then words HAVE to fill the void.

  3. I don't often post pics, but I post lots of entries. I guess it depends on what YOU are looking for - an online photo archive/narrative or more of a searchable journal of your thoughts, recipes, and other stuff you want to keep track of.


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