Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lent, Part II (for me, at least)

Last year, I gave up something for Lent for the first time.

As I mentioned in '08, I know this isn't a traditional Baptist practice, but being (back) in a land of Catholicism reminded me that giving up something for Lent is alive and well, so I thought I would see what it was like.
FYI - it was hard. Very hard. The sacrifice made its point -- it reminded me of all Christ had done for me, and I was glad I had participated in the exercise.

Last year, I gave up bread. This year, I'm giving up bread, plus all junky carbs. Sigh. That's right. It was hard, but good. I mean, to forego bread and remember that Jesus gave His life for me... How can that be bad? Other than to show me how attached I am to one or two or three items, that is, versus the Bread of Life.

So I'm already whining about my carb-less next few months, which I'm sure defeats the purpose and disgusts my Catholic friends. Please say a prayer, though -- not that I'll survive, but that I'll consciously remember why I'm doing this and why it's good for a human in 2009 to experience a sacrifice -- any sacrifice -- for 40 days.

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