Monday, February 23, 2009

Vertigo-go girl.

For the past couple of years, I've just started accepting that I'm falling apart. No joke. Since I turned 30, there's always something. Really.

My latest? Vertigo.

"What is vertigo?," one might ask.

Well, some call it the drunken disease, but as a Catholic girlfriend (who also has vertigo) has declared several times in the last few weeks, being drunk is much more fun. The room spins. Nothing helps. Talking makes it worse. (One guess on what was my hardest challenge.)
The best way to describe how it feels is to picture yourself as the little person in the middle of the very bizarre image on this post, and imagine all those circles going crazy. That's vertigo.
Vertigo usually stems from inner ear issues, but a follow-up appointment with my ENT today led me to believe that mine was all due to allergies.

So I spent the last couple of weeks dizzy, but after the meds kicked in, I was as new as a shiny penny. I feel great! So thank God for medicine. Dizziness is not a good look or feel for me!
As you know from my Five Things I'm Thankful For posts, I have amazingly supportive family and friends. One classic example of that was the text I received from my precious, brother-like cousin Greg last week:

3 questions:

Why am I just now finding out you had vertigo?

What is vertigo?

Don't only old people get that?

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  1. I can definitely sympathize with you. I've been dealing with vertigo for about a year and a half now, and it first showed up shortly before I turned 30 myself. The graphic you're using on this post is actually my Twitter avatar. :)


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